Welcome to Viscocity Productions. You need a site? We make sites. You need hosting? We host. You want to rule the world? Well, we can't guarantee that, but we'll help you on your way.

Server Specs

Our servers are based out of data center facilities with advanced environmental controls, space-age security, amazing backup generator power and multiple fiber-optic links to the Internet.

All disk subsystems are hot-swapable RAID-5 with hot spares, and if a disk drive or power supply fails, we are automatically paged and can replace the problematic element with no downtime.

All servers receive a monthly security audit. Appropriate patches and upgrades are preformed regularly, and emergency security patches are typically performed within 72 hours of release.

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  • Wordpress blog and CMS
  • Design installation
  • Free domain registration (yourdomain.com)
  • A web hosting account with 1 free month
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  • Sun v65x server
  • Dual 2.8GHz XEON processors
  • 4GB RAM
  • Ultra 320 SCSI
  • RAID 5
  • dual redundant power supplies